Help For Individuals Who Want To Change

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The Bradford Maze Project provides a local, holistic response to domestic abuse incuding:-

  • One-to-One & Group work with individuals who want to change their behaviour
  • Support to partners and children

Bradford Maze is open to anyone who lives in the Bradford Metropolitian area who is committed to ending his/her abuse towards his partner/ex partner.

The programme runs in the evening and sessions last for two hours. The sessions focus on:

  • exploring the effects of all forms of abusive behaviour
  • challenging individual’s behaviour in personal relationships
  • developing non-abusive ways of behaving
  • identifying and encouraging behaviour which leads to positive relationships

The overall aim of The Bradford Maze Project is to –

  • increase the safety of adults and children
  • encourage individuals to take full responsibility for their abusive behaviour towards their partner/ex-partner
  • help individuals to change their behaviour
  • promote positive relationships

The programme workers are trained in group work facilitation and have extensive experiencein working with men to address their abusive behaviour towards women.

When someone joins the programme, their partner or ex partner will be offered

  • a seperate, confidential support service
  • information about the content of the programme