IDVA Service

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The IDVA service (Independent Domestic Violence Advocate) aims to:

  • Increase victim safety and satisfaction
  • Reduce repeat victimisation
  • Maintain victim engagement with the CJS (Criminal Justice Service)
  • Provide ongoing support for women at risk of harm from Domestic Abuse.
  • Refer high risk cases to MARAC (Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference)

What the IDVA can offer

Before the court case – Our IDVA will contact the witness to offer support and advice. they will provide information and practical options regarding safety. they can explain what will happen on the day of the court case and answer any questions.

Speak to the Witness Service – To arrange a pre-court visit, to check safety measures for the day of the trial such as entering and leaving the court via an alternative route to the perpetrator.

Speak to the Police – If any bail conditions or civil orders are breached, regarding any problems with harassment or threats, about the possibility of special measures or if you need an interpreter present in court to assist you as a witness.

On the day of court – Our IDVA will arrange to meet the witness and attend trial with them. The IDVA will speak to the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) to ensure they are informed of your views and feelings.

In Court – Our IDVA will be in the court room and will be able to explain what is happening. After the witness has given evidence they will be there to offer support throughout the rest of the trial.

After Court – Our IDVA will be able to explain the outcome of the trial more clearly and what will happen next, and also provide information about civil remedies if necessary.